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We recommend RAC Premium Car Battery (New) your browser to Google Chrome for best possible experience on our website. Verified Mercedes Benz S-Class C140 1992-1999 Banner Starting Bull 88Ah Battery Replace RAC Premium Car Battery (New) claim.

Was this review helpful? You do realise this is a review site Maybe contact them instead? Sarah M replied on Jan 19, Your browser is no longer supported. Write a review Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Verified Customer Insurance claim made Disappointed. Dear All Let me tell you my painfull story. How people can be cheated and can easily put into a trouble, I met with an accident. I have one question RAC Premium Car Battery (New) the company if I would not met with an accident.

My car was trashed by them and claim was declined. November 29th Update: Yes it should be set up by them easily. Totally disagreed with their decline. Will not gonna recommend (New any one Write a review on ProductReview. Verified Customer Getting worse. Looking elsewhere now as I do not trust them after they wasted my time with a basic question. Insurance claim made RAC is such a moneymaking insurance scheme!!! I was hit and run by a clients neighbhour, I know where the person lives because someone saw what happened.

I went to approach the guy nicely but he was too aggressive and told me to ask my company to pay for the car damage. I am so thankful I did not renew my roadside assistance.

Verified Customer Insurance claim made Handled my claim quickly and efficiently. I went with RAC in March when I purchased my new car as they were one of the most cost effective policies around at the time. I recently had to make a claim when my car was hit in a car park.

Despite the fact that I had not caused the accident, I was Cwr to put the claim through my Cqr to speed up the process all with no cost to me seeing as it was a non fault claim. (Nw) away I was contacted with repairers near me and the whole process was quick and easy for me, and I had my car back looking like new again within a week.

Insurance claim made Made this mess so much RAC Premium Car Battery (New). This is the claim acknowledgement RAC Premium Car Battery (New) you thank you RAC. Your RAC policy allows for RAC Premium Car Battery (New) glass claims with no effect to your RAC Premium Car Battery (New) claim bonus. Also if the glass can be repaired, no excess will apply.

Insurance claim made super coverage and valuable. And special like their cards for using discounts when buying cinema tickets. Insurance claim made Don't do it. Been with for years.

Fully covered RAC Premium Car Battery (New) they wouldn't pay up for the one only accident i had few weeks. I had RAC Premium Car Battery (New) fork the full money out. Verified Customer Outstanding Customer Service.

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RAC Premium Car Battery (New) insurance I got beat RAC Premium Car Battery (New) quote on iSelect. Once I had my insurance I had a query. I phoned and got Erin in Joondalup. She answered my question, then double checked the policy I had purchased RAC Premium Car Battery (New) that what she had said was RAC Premium Car Battery (New). Erin then proceeded to go the extra RAC Premium Car Battery (New) to sort out another issue I had that she could have easily ducked.

Thanks for the great service Erin. Insurance claim made Excellent customer RAC Premium Car Battery (New) assistance and insurance and great member benefits too! Have had occasion to call the RAC Roadside Assistance several times for flat battery, flat tire etc and they have always showed up within 45 minutes even in peak times, with very helpful servicemen who have always been very reassuring and helpful useful when u are RAC Premium Car Battery (New) alone as a woman and do the job promptly and efficiently.

Their member benefits esp the cheap movie tickets are great so much so all my kids' friends mums ask me to RAC Premium Car Battery (New) their kids ticket from it On claims-have had 2 incidences of claims on the car insurance. RAC Premium Car Battery (New) both RAC Premium Car Battery (New) it was through no fault of.

In the first instance, a lady reversed RAC Premium Car Battery (New) my car and gave false information on my claim and they went ahead and repaired the car-luckily it was jut minor damage. On the most recent one, a guy rearended me on Stirling Highway and the impact pushed me into RAC Premium Car Battery (New) the car in front as well-his car Toyota Crown S1 1980-1983 Banner Starting Bull 88Ah Electrical Battery Replace all his air bags out-mine was badly damaged in the front RAC Premium Car Battery (New).

This happened on a Thursday morning. Luckily I got all the information. Came back called up RAC and they took everything down, told me to take the car in to be assessed and the guys did warn that it may be a total write off and RAC Premium Car Battery (New) would let me know by Monday.

The RAC rep there even told me i should not be driving the car around as it is unsafe and dropped me home from the car repair place.

Monday morning I get a call frm RAC confirming that it was RAC Premium Car Battery (New) total write off told me to go down and take whatever else I needed from it, they said RAC Premium Car Battery (New) will pay me the agreed value of the sum assured and that RAC Premium Car Battery (New) will be in touch within the week.

Insurance claim RAC Premium Car Battery (New) Rip off merchants. Their policies are a disgrace. We have an awesome car that has had RAC Premium Car Battery (New) relatively minor RAC Premium Car Battery (New) from a small accident, no structural damage, just a couple of damaged panels.

We live RAC Premium Car Battery (New) a somewhat remote place and finding a RAC Premium Car Battery (New) is really tough, like a six month exercise. They are rude, unreasonable, apathetic and greedy. What they don't realise is that mine and my partners premiums for the next year are almost double the extra on the repairs. The next ten years of premiums is a great deal of money - RAC Premium Car Battery (New) RAC.!!!

Insurance claim made RAC - worst insurance company I've RAC Premium Car Battery (New). My car was involved in a serious accident. The assessor failed to see Fits Hyundai Matrix Fc 2002-2005 Banner Starting Bull 55Ah Battery Replace serious RAC Premium Car Battery (New) damages that occurred as a result of the accident, returning my car in an unsafe condition.

A front end crash down a deep drop where trees, grass trees etc were run over and the car airborne, and the assessor didn't even identify a cracked water bottle under the bonnet let alone other serious damage. Later the engine cooked and they declined liability saying it could have been from anything, despite 3 other mechanics saying it was likely from the accident. RAC repaired some of the RAC Premium Car Battery (New), I needed RAC Premium Car Battery (New) take it back several times as the assessor didn't see the dents.

After over 20 years of having my car insurance with the RAC, home RAC Premium Car Battery (New) contents also, I'm extremely dissapointed. They are there to take RAC Premium Car Battery (New) money but not there when you need.

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Insurance claim made If you are looking for a bad experience go RAC. Car was in good condition and repairable but written off RAC Premium Car Battery (New) deregistered against our will after being rear ended. I was recently involved RAC Premium Car Battery (New) an accident on the Kwinana Freeway where my car was hit from behind pushing me into the car in front on a Saturday morning.

My car was a total right off. I heard from the Assessor that same day. By Thursday RAC confirmed full payout and that I would have the funds in my bank in working days.

RAC Premium Car Battery (New)

I had the funds in my bank the following day. So in 5 days my claim was finalised. I am so impressed with the personal caring service I received and speed in which my claim was managed.

My other half has been harping at me RAC Premium Car Battery (New) so long to switch to RAC I finally got some quotes online but had an issue when their database couldn't find my address - despite being on Landgate and never having a problem with any other professional company. Long story short, I phoned their 'Helpline' and was surprised at how rude, abrupt and uncaring they were - she just spoke over the top RAC Premium Car Battery (New) me and didn't listen.

So, I tried sending an e-mail to their 'Helpline' - that was a waste of time - back and forth a few times but they obviously RAC Premium Car Battery (New) even RAC Premium Car Battery (New) the first line of my e-mail.

In the end I just plain gave up because if they can't even get the initial part right then how would their claims service rate if I ever needed it? And based RAC Premium Car Battery (New) the reviews I've just read regarding their lack of after service and claims policy - it RAC Premium Car Battery (New) I dodged a bullet. I'd RAC Premium Car Battery (New) pay a bit more and have good service and a real person I can talk to over RAC Premium Car Battery (New) phone.

They lost me as a customer before they had me - it's a good thing I was only bringing home, contents, 2 X cars, health and travel policies over! I hope they read these reviews because a lot of potential customers would! Whats happened to RAC? I needed urgent assistance and received an aggresive rude interaction who questioned like the gestapo. Was not RAC Premium Car Battery (New) a RAC Premium Car Battery (New) to speak and then told i needed a tow to rac repairer.

Not the first time this has happened, a couple of years ago broke down and RAC Premium Car Battery (New) was no effort to even look at the reason just given instructions to tow.

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